IdeaModeration (2021—2022)

Kyung Hoon Hyun

Design collaboration; Spatial design; Discussion support; Design exploration; Idea moderation

  • A new design collaboration support system with automatic floor plan synthesis is proposed.
  • It moderates design ideas and enhances collaborative discussions.
  • Methods to evaluate design collaboration are proposed.
  • The methods analyze designers’ discussion and design processes.

The increasing demand for spatial design has necessitated research in design collaboration as a means to accomplish complex tasks. However, the relationship between social interaction and design collaboration remains unclear. Specifically, little attention has been paid to discussions among design team members. This study proposes IdeaModeration, a system that assists the design collaboration process by synthesizing user-selected floor plan designs. To examine the impact of IdeaModeration on design collaboration, we developed analytical methods for design discussions and processes. User experiments with 20 spatial designers revealed that IdeaModeration 1) encouraged group participation and the active exchange of opinions, 2) provided diverse information to support in-depth discussions, and 3) enhanced user experience by providing reliable and novel designs. The findings of this study expand the research on computational design collaboration by developing a unique idea moderation method for designers to promote their collaborative interactions during the design process.

  1. H. Maeng, K. H. Hyun., "IdeaModeration: Supporting and Moderating Design Collaboration Based on Automatically-Synthesized Floor Plans with Generative Adversarial Network." (Work in progress)

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